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Easy STEM Activities You Can Do at Home!

By Megan Loh

ISBN-10: 0464707749

ISBN-13: 978-0464707745

Authored by GEARup4Youth founder and president, Megan Loh. The materials required for the activities are common household items in order to make STEM accessible for all.

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Anaheim and Placentia Public Libraries

FREE copies are available from Anaheim Haskett Library, which can be borrowed/requested through all 10 locations at the Anaheim Public Libraries.


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# February 11: For Socio-Economic Sustainable Development

Royal Academy of Sciences International Trust, in partnership with the United Nations

"The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a first in human history — a global pact to create a future where nobody is left behind. They encompass a universal call to action: to end poverty, to protect Earth, and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The Decade of Action has just begun, to deliver the SDGs by 2030.


"While governments are making progress through integrating the SDGs into their national policies, implementation and action are lacking.

"We have lots of challenges! There is hard work ahead!


"Here we present a vision for socio-economically sustainable development by Women and Girls in Science.


"Our February11 book series, 2020 – 2030, reflects our hope to address these complex and intertwined issues, and commitment to fostering concrete solutions that link the goals to the real-world concerns of ordinary citizens."

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Young Divas That Care

A Compilation by Candace Gish

"Think big and follow your passion.

"That’s exactly what the seventeen young women in Young Divas That Care have done. Through personal struggles with family, bullying, depression, and life-threatening medical conditions and a desire to empower others, these young women combine their passions with volunteerism to make a difference in the world. Today, they are impacting a variety of people across the globe—from young girls looking to enter the field of technology to the disabled people of Sri Lanka.

"Just as these young women have overcome obstacles in order to help others, you will be inspired by their inspirational stories, poems, and essays to see the best in others and think big in order to become a changemaker." -BCHPress

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